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The FLYING FISH 37 MK3 ROV is a combined high speed ROV inspection- and workboat.

The base is a very solid hull with high speed capabilities in rough sea. The boat has single sterndrive or twin waterjet propulsion as standard, low freeboard and draft, which enables the craft to operate in tight areas. The aft deck and the rear platform, gives easy access to the sea. The wheelhouse has a smart bridge layout and can be fitted with user specified electronics. The illustrated FLYING FISH 37 MK2 ROV boat is customized for ROV inspections, with a separate ROV control station onboard and a light hydraulic crane. The layout also includes seats with suspension, pantry and resting benches. Other arrangements for this model are available.

Technical data

Overall length: 11,6 metres
Breadth extreme: 3,3 metres
Typical speed: 30-50 knots
Wheelhouse seating: 6-8 persons


Single diesel engine, 380-550 Hp or twin inboard diesel engines, 250-570 Hp


Waterjet propulsion, sterndrive or outboard


The hull is constructed of marine grade aluminum, and has a solid fender made from foam and spray coated polyurethane material. The wheelhouse is a composite construction, and we use casting forms for the different wheelhouse designs and composite details. The boats are fitted with high quality components. All work is done in-house, and we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.