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Dive Support

Hukkelberg have many years experience working with dive operators, producing compact Light Diving Craft (LDC) with a fast planing hull to reduce transit times and offering low freeboard appreciated by divers.

A flush working deck and well arranged equipment stowage provides a large, safe, working area whilst the light and roomy wheelhouse interior provides crew with the comfortable environment they expect. The design can be easily adjusted to individual customer specifications. Hukkelbergs Boats are very pleased to work closely with leading names in Industry providing the highest possible quality products to compliment our LDC range. These include Safe Air Diving from Denmark, Vest Davit AS in Norway and AxSub system from Canada.

The HB 1411 LDC MK2 is available with hybrid power system for running onboard equipment such as hydraulics and compressor. This option will give zero emissinos during diving operations and ensures a comfortable, low noise working environment for the crew and divers. With a hybrid system on board, the HB 1411 LDC MK2 can also maneouver and run shorter distances using only electric propulsion.