Dive Support


Dive Support Vessels are designed and built at Brödr. Hukkelberg. They are equipped to comply with UK MCA rules for this vessel type as well as The Norwegian Maritime Directorate NMD 853 requirements for Fast Rescue Craft for Offshore Units. Each vessel is inspected by Bureau Veritas and is designed, built and equipped in compliance with IMO SOLAS regualations.


Design and Construction


All boats have share the same well-proven design of a fully planing deep V hull in marine grade aluminium and superstructure of GRP sandwich construction. The boats are built for maximum safety of the crew. 


The superstructure provides comfortable accommodation for the crew which normally consists of helmsman and co-pilot/ dive master. Dive Control Panel and communication equipment is located in the wheelhouse. 




The design of the vessel and strength of construction means that even at full speed, the boat can withstand all normal forces encountered during use offshore. The boat is extremely manouverable, well balanced and with twin waterjets can turn on it's own axis. 


Standard propulsion is twin waterjets although stern drives are an option. A variety of engine sizes from a number of manufacturers can be installed to suit vessel size and the required performance of the end-user. Typical top speeds are around 30 knots depending on engine size.




The craft is equipped with a single point lifting arrangement with an approved release hook for safe launch from the Mothership or platform. The pilot is able to release the craft remotely from inside the wheelhouse. The boat has a very low freeboard making it easier for divers to climb back onboard after operations. 



Design: Brödr. Hukkelberg / CMS: EKH.no