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Recaro Maritime Offshore is designed for High Speed Craft requiring maximum support for crews but still offering comfort over long periods of operation. 

Available in red, blue or all black with a variety of armrests and lightweight component alternatives.


  • Backrest - angle adjustment 
  • Armrests - angle adjustment and flip-up function
  • Standard in suede (reb, blue, black) and black artificial leather  


  • Leather upholstery - choice of colours
  • Leather provided by customer
  • Weight reduction components
  • Recaro seat slide under seat
  • 2 point lap belt or 4 point harness


Beautiful design with its roots firmly in motorsport, the Offshore is a good choice for very fast craft operating in all weathers. The racing heritage means that the seat gives exceptional support for the occupant whilst being comfortable enough to use all day. 

A light-weight in strong composite materials .