Underwater Lights Ltd are manufactures of the original hull mounted underwater lights. Market leaders but often copied, if it doesn't say "Limited" on the box "it's not one of ours!"


A range of lights to suit aluminium, steel and GRP hulls from (in terms of brightness) 100W halogen up to 250W HID.


It's fair to say that although not an entirely new phenomenon in Scandinavia, there's not many boats equipped with these lights. Just one light opens up a whole new world of underwater wonder at night, several transform your cruiser into a super-yacht whilst the most powerful have applications in the fishing industry and SAR.


Easy to mount, our expert staff are about to guide you through the range and help you make the right choice for you and your vessel


UL Ti MATE 80 series

For mounting in GRP, fibreglass and wooden hulls

available in the following specification:


• 12 / 24V 20W LED (700 lummens)

• 12 / 24V 100W Halogen (750 lummens)

• 12 / 24V 55W Xenon (4800 lummens)



UL Ti MATE 130 series plus weld-in lights


Please contact a member of our sales staff for details of these powerful underwater lights


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