HFL Air-conditioning

HFL Power and Air from Germany is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Marine and Vehicle Generators, Marine Airconditioning, and DC Generators/Airconditioning.

Specialists in this field for some 24 years, HFL has continuously focused on the more problematic issues on boats, such as noise and space constraints, and have proven to be one of the most innovative of Marine Generator manufacturers, resolving on-board problems, and redefining expectations.

At Brödr. Hukkelberg, we are pleased to discuss all manner of marine air-conditioning projects.

OceanCool DC Air Conditioners


Where no AC power supply is available onboard, these highly compact units can be run from the boats 12 or 24v batteries. Units availabe are:


• 12V DC 6000BTU

• 24V DC 7000BTU                                            

• 12V DC 9000BTU

• 24V DC 10000BTU


All kits are supplied with intake filter, pump and hoses and require no specialist refridgeration skills to install. Each unit comes pre-charged with "Green gas" and is factory tested prior to dispatch - ready just to bolt down. Hukkelberg are able to assist you to calculate the unit required for your vessel and discuss the power requirements onboard to run your unit.

CoolMaxx Compact 220V Air Conditioners


Where AC (220v) is available, HFL offer and range of compact Air Conditioning from 5,000 - 16,000BTU and also 24,000BTU. Precision made, very compact and quiet with full digital control, these units can also be used as heaters.


As with the OceanCool above, all units come as a complete kit and we are very happy to give installation advice.

Flex Duct Air Handlers


These are very compact units which take even less space than a self-contained air conditioner, being run remotely by a chiller. A boat designers dream - no akward air ducting and virtually silent air-conditioning with just the gentle hum of the fan.


For more information regarding the possibilities of this type of marine air-conditioning, please get in touch with one of our sales staff.





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